University Appointment System

What is UniAppointment

UniAppointment is a web based tool to help advisors, faculty, and students in scheduling appointments with each other. It is specifically designed for universities.

UniAppointment is a Powerful, a Web Based, an Appointment System

  • Simple to use.
  • Flexible.
  • Easy to install.
  • Easy to integrate.
  • Designed with security in mind.
  • Follows regulations.
  • Unlimited appointments.

University Appointment System

UniAppointment university appointment system


UniAppointment makes advisor and student life easier and more productive. Here are some features of UniAppointment system:


  • Is informed about the number of student appointments and the reasons for their visits.
  • Can prepare for the appointment (finding the necessary materials, information, etc.)
  • Can optimize their time to help more students.
  • Eliminates managing appointments via emails, reducing time and energy spent for both parties.
  • Can set their vacations and off days/hours in the system in real-time.
  • Can improve their teaching by analyzing the appointment reasons.
  • Less likely to get disturbed when they are doing their research outside of office hours.


  • Won’t have to wait in line, which can sometimes be more than an hour at the advisors door.
  • Would be sure that they would see the advisor. If their appointments gets cancelled, they are informed.
  • No longer need to change their mind about seeing the advisor because of long lines at the advisor door. Students can directly go to the advisor schedule page and see the all of the available timeslots.


  • Can present better image (more professional, more structured).
  • Can better service students by adding the UniAppointment service.
  • Can Increase enrollments by projecting a better image to potential students.
  • Can increase productivity. With UniAppointment advisor can spend more time for research and students can study more instead of waiting at the advisors door.
  • Can have more data to make better management decisions.

Main Values

UniAppointment provides many values. Here are the most important ones:

UniAppointment convenience

Students won’t have to wait in line, which can sometimes be more than an hour at the advisors door.

UniAppointment productivity

Gained time (thousands of man hours) can be turned into more study and more research.

UniAppointment better insights

The data collected in the appointment system can be turned into reports and insights that lead to better decisions.

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Technical Features

UniAppointment is designed to be easily integrated with the existing website of your institution, so it can start adding value right away.

UniAppointment is also designed to be deployed into the university IT facility. Therefore UniAppointment becomes part of the university system under university control. Here are some other technical features of UniAppointment.

Minimum Integration Points

Integration can be done only by adding "Schedule an Appointment" links to the required places. Deeper integration can also be done.

Role Based Design

Users are divided into roles such as Advisor, Student, Secretary etc. and each role has different capabilities and access rights in the system.

Latest Technologies

Our philosophy is to use the latest technologies as much as possible. We are continuously using and adapting the latest technologies and methodologies. .

Easy to Use

Simple and intuitive user interface design enables users to start using the system right away.

Responsive Design

UniAppointment can be accessed via both desktop and mobile platforms.

Dedicated Support

We are here to help you.
Our dedicated and qualified support staff is here to answer your questions.

Product Screenshots

UniAppointment advisor homepage thumb.


Advisor Home

UniAppointment advisor report page thumb.


Advisor Reports

UniAppointment secretary home page thumb.


Secretary Home

UniAppointment department admin report thumb.

Department Admin

Department Admin Report

UniAppointment appointee thumb.


Scheduling Appointment

UniAppointment university IT admin thumb.

University Admin

University IT Admins

UniAppointment university report thumb.


University Report